I was an Associate editor of The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, General editor, G.H.R. Parkinson, 1988, to which I also contributed the Chapter “Aesthetics”. I had previously been a contributor to the Dictionary of Philosophy, edited by A.G.N. Flew, published by MacMillan and Pan in 1979.

A survey of some recent contributions to aesthetics is to be found in my “The Rediscovery of Aesthetics” in The PhilosophersMagazine, Spring 1998. Some thoughts on figurative, abstract and representational art are contained in “Reflections on the Paul Klee Exhibition” in The Philosophers Magazine, Summer 2002. This is a condensed version of the first talk, given in March 2002, in the Hayward Forum series ‘Borderlines’, reflecting on specific exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery, the South Bank, London. The Hayward Forum is organised in association with the Forum for European Philosophy.

Another interest of mine is Wittgenstein, reflected in, for example, the review of Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophy and Language by A. Ambrose and M. Lazerowitz, in The Philosophical Quarterly, 1973, and in the article “The Architecture of Ludwig Wittgenstein” in The Cambridge Review, 1974.

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I am currently interested in The Philosophy of Body (see separate page), and I edited The Philosophy of Body, published as a special issue of Ratio in December 2002 and as a book by Blackwell in 2003. This contains the papers given at the RATIO Conference at Reading in April 2001, by Alison Adam, Hubert Dreyfus, Sean Kelly and Quassim Cassam, plus additional papers by Michael Brearley, Max de Gaynesford, and Iris Young.

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I produced a new edition of A.R. Lacey’s Routledge Dictionary of Philosophy, which appeared in 2010.

Some reviews:

Wittgenstein, by A.C. Grayling, in Philosophical Books, October 1989

The Philosophy of Leisure, edited by T. Winnifrith & C. Barrett, in Philosophical Books, October 1990

Theories of Justice, by B. Barry, in Cogito, 1991

Identity, Character & Morality, edited by O. Flanagan & A.O. Rorty, in Philosophical Books, April 1992

Natural relations: Ecology, Animal Rights & Social Justice, by T. Benson, in Philosophical Books, January 1995

Valuing Emotions, by M. Stocker, in Philosophical Books, July 1998

Ethics and Sex, by I. Primoratz, in Philosophical Books, April 2002

The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature, by Malcolm Budd, in The Times Literary Supplement, March 5, 2004.

Deeper than Reason: Emotion and Its Role in Literature, Music, and Art, by Jenefer Robinson, in Philosophy, January 2006

I am uploading some of my publications on my site at

I have written extensively on classical music and opera: see my page on Opera for more details.